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A fantastic three ringed version of our best selling stainless steel cock rings.





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Based on 4 Reviews

By from uk

triple cock ring (19 August 2015)

wow amazing product and fast it

By from Essex UK

Steel Triple Cock Ring (03 February 2014)

Good quality product and excellent value. I in fact bought 3 sizes, and large to try and find the best fit and came to the conclusion that I needed the middle ring to be small enought to only allow your balls to be passed through one after another otherwise they will 'pop' out as you wear the ring.I found the smaller one to be ok for all day wear as it is rare for anything to cause things to swell up. Word of caution though as on one occasion things got very swollen and stiff and I had a dickens of a job getting it off but once you find a method the removal became much easier. Best results for prolonging my erection was to have everything as tight as possible. The bigger rings all fitted ok but erections not so stiff.

By from Cambridge UK

Good Quality (27 February 2013)

I have been using cock rings for a while now and decided to try these Steel Triple Cock Rings after meeting someone else using one.

All I can say is they are fantastic, good quality, sensible price, feels great on, super hard when being used.

Points to remember when ordering... a 5mm difference in diameter may not sound much but it is. A reduction in 5mm diameter for me makes the experience of wearing any ring positively uncomfortable. Many retailers only sell 50mm rings or smaller in this style, beware that they won't be too tight.

Measure yourself fully hard by using something like a bootlace pulled to a comfortable tension. divide the circumference by 3.14 for the diameter.

Circumferences are as follows by the way
45mm dia = 141mm circ
47.5mm dia = 149mm circ
50mm dia = 157mm circ
55mm dia = 172mm circ

By Anonymous

Something to improve your bulge (05 September 2009)

A really sturdy piece of equipment suitable for constant wear if that's your thing. This triple ring has a really nice heft and feels great in your underwear. If you want to create an eye-catching bulge, this is certainly one way of doing it!
Anyone considering any kind of cock ring for continual wear should choose stainless or surgical steel if at all possible. Ordinary steel will corrode and the rust will "bite" the skin and will not be comfortable long-term. Ordinary steel is fine for occasional use though.
You might find that a rubber additional ring to go around your scrotal sac a useful addition to this item to counter the problem of "ball popping".
My "top-tip" for anyone considering one of these is to measure the penis circumference at the base when erect and divide by 3.14 to find its diameter. If you size the penile shaft ring too small for your endowment it's going to hurt like hell when you're hard. The other rings have more latitude and are not likely to cause much trouble aside from possibly being a tad tight.
A 10/10 score would attach to this product if one could choose each ring diameter to suit; but this might not be practical.
Other notes: When you first get this triple ring, you might want to play with it in the bath or shower where the warm water makes everything slack and somewhat slippery. Otherwise, some baby oil might be helpful until you get the hang of putting the rings on.
Note that wearing this ring will subtract from your insertable length somewhat. How much this matters depends upon you! Your partner might not enjoy the edge-on contact with the rings either. On the other-hand, prepare for some really powerfully rigid erections!

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