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This is one of our most popular stretching products. The crescents can be used to ease the piercing up to a higher gauge and can then be left in as jewellery until you are ready to make your next stretch!

The key to stretching is time and patience. Your body tissues need time between each stretching stage to adjust, heal and grow new cells.

Suitable for: Ear Piercing - Stretched Lobes, Nipple Piercing, Septum Piercing

Jewellery Type: Stretched Ear Jewellery, Stretching Tools


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Steel Stretching Crescent. (26 November 2014)

I bought the smallest size as I just wanted a different type of 'earing' in my left lobe as I've already stretched my right one to 12mm, I think it looks cool and makes a change to a normal stud. I would Definitely Recommend this!

By from Scotland

Brilliant (16 January 2014)

Really easy to stretch with but my o rings fell off of one of the crescents very easily.

By from london

really good product (13 December 2012)

Used them first for my ears then decided hmm my septum's a little bit to small for my likes, up to 5mm and definitely getting some more, so easy to stretch with i find using the O rings from the size down helps a lot (so they don't slip off) so say use the 3mm o rings for the 4mm, but other than that great buy :D


:D (31 July 2012)

Really good product i started with a 2.0mm to stretch standard lobe piercings and it slid in with no problem no need for lube. Looks really cool as its different to Tapers. Will definatly buy this product again in bigger sizes as i think its the best way to stretch.

By from Cornwall

Cheap, easy, perfect. (29 May 2012)

This product is perfect - I've been using them to stretch up my septum as it's not the sort of place you can use a taper...I'm not allowed piercings at work so once the larger crescent is in I just flip it up my nose so I'm not having to put it in and take it for work (it's probably not the most comfortable thing to have stuck up your nose all of the time though...). They are great for what I'm using them for and I'm sure they would be for ears too.

By from Belgium

Great for stretching!! (11 April 2012)

Bought a 0Ga (8 mm) one to stretch my ear. Very easy stretching with this one, glides in very smoothly.

Easy to wear, and has a nice weight too, you feel the stretch dangling, but it's a nice feeling, just right.

By from Sweden

Great for septum! (07 December 2011)

Im in love! These are amazing, barely hurt at all to slide in and they look good AND they're cheap - Bingo! :D

By Anonymous

Best! (21 November 2011)

You literally cannot get a better way to stretch your ears.
They are so comfy and light and easy to stretch your ears with. I don't think I've ever had even a slight bit of discomfort whilst using these to stretch my ears.
They're also a different way to stretch compared to the 'common' tapers you see everyone where. (Albeit I am one of those people, too!)
They're a must-must have when stretching. So smooth to use and so cheap.
Would recommend to absolutely anyone considering stretching their ears.

By from Germany

Larger gauge also OK (20 October 2011)

Someone here questioned the larger sizes of these taper crescents...
Well, I used the 3mm ones to gauge my nip piercings up to 8G. Although I was a bit sceptical about the O rings in the beginning (will they stay on or slip off?) they actually worked like a charm. For me specifically, wearing the stretching crescent for 3 days did the trick, making the 8G BCRs slide in effortlessly. During those 3 days pain was minimal, completely gone on day 3. I am not saying 3 days is a standard for everybody, but that was my experience...
What I did notice though is: give it time! Don't wiggle and fiddle with it. Give your body time to stretch gradually and gently. You fiddle? You hurt!
I am contemplating gauging up my nip BCRs further to perhaps 6 or 4G. If I do these will be definitely on my "grocery" list.

By from Serbia

I Love It (14 October 2011)


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