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Scrotum stretching ball weights:

Our best selling ball weights are designed for both male scrotum stretching, (with prolonged wear and the addition of more weights) or for a more temporary sensation. The visual effect is stunning, the feeling totally indescribable!

Ball weights are worn directly above the testicles and are manufactured in varying depths and internal diameters. In all cases the external measurement is a constant 62mm.

This ball stretcher separates so it can be closed around the balls, instead of having to pull the balls through the opening.

The smaller opening also means that most men will not be able to remove the stretcher without opening it. And it is much less likely to "pop" off.

Weights are as follows:

14mm x 35mm - 200g
14mm x 40mm - 170g

28mm x 35mm - 415g
28mm x 40mm - 350g

42mm x 35mm - 635g
42mm x 40mm - 559g

56mm x 35mm - 860g
56mm x 40mm - 800g

These weights are sold singularly.



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By from Bristol

Long time user (24 October 2019)

I’ve been using ball stretchers for many years now and these are superb quality for the money plus fast service.
I’m now wearing the 56mm x 35mm all the time and often add the 42x40 and sometimes others at weekends. As a result my balls have stretched out at least an additional 4 to 5 inches in length and my wife luckily encourages me in my “hobby” and just loves my bad boys hanging really very low now, where she can get to them easily. The feeling of having low hanging balls is hard to describe but a complete turn on and the look is impressive.
What’s even better is even after taking the weights off my balls now don’t retract and stay low and the feeling is amazing.
Great product well made and very smooth thoroughly recommend.

By from Uk

Heaven (27 May 2014)

Ordered the 600g, got used to this feeling now in the 800g, also have a 300 gram,, am addicted to the feeling.. Great service frm bjs.. Try tumblr for ball stretching blogs

By from Ontario,Canada

Awesome (16 May 2014)

Since my last review in Aug of 2013 I have been wearing my weights on a regular basis. A couple of times I was able to wear them for a period of 3 days straight. I am currently wearing my 56 and my 28 and also my 14 for a total of 98. I find that for long time wear I also use a 1.25 inch rubber ring on the bottom of the stack for added comfort. The results are fantastic as my balls have grown by 3 inches and are twice the size they were before. You might say I have grown a set of bull balls all thanks to your excellent product. Can't wait to be able to order some more to increase the stretch

By from London

Stretching Bliss!! (06 April 2014)

I recently purchased the 28x35 stretcher & when it arrived couldn't wait to wrap it round my junk
The feeling of this bad boy pulling down & stretching on my ball sac is sensational.
My girlfriend, who's Japanese & very open minded, fully supports & participates in my CBT fetish & encourages me to wear these 24/7 as she loves the look & feel of my low hanging balls. Her beautiful Korean girlfriend is luckily also a fan of CBT & this stretcher, combined with various other steel rings & weights, has brought an immense amount of fun & pleasure to us all.
I will shortly be purchasing the 42x35 stretcher to add extra weight & stretch to my already low hangers & can't wait for the next round of fun to commence!!

By from Loughborough

Excellent products (12 February 2014)

I bought my first weight a few weeks ago and have since ordered a further 2. The quality is first class and the delivery really quick.

I purchase the wrong internal diameter first but then bought a 35cm one and then put the bigger one on top.

Excellent results too !!!!

By from norway

excelent experience (20 November 2013)

Hi. I bought the 42x40 steel ball weight several months ago. I am very pleased by the perfect fit of the 2 half parts. After daily use and constant wear 24/7 my balls hang about 3 inch lower than before i startet using it. I am using a sok in between the skin and the weight because my skin startet to irritate on the steel. Maybe someone else has the same experience and a different sollution. By all means a very great product. Thanks you all.

By from Kent, UK

Good Product (11 November 2013)

I bought the 42x40 size a few days ago, and have worn continuously since. Not strictly symmetrical, but otherwise well machined and finished. Unlike other weights I have tried, this one has rounded edges, so is comfortable to wear and distributes the weight nicely on the balls. I find this size is not too obvious when wearing with loose trousers [I always go commando], but still heavy enough to enjoy wearing. Needs lube to stop skin sticking [I just use olive oil] and is too heavy for a starter size, but if you're used [addicted?] to carrying weight on the boys, this is a good buy.

By from Ontario,Canada

The new weights (27 August 2013)

Just received my latest order within 7 working days. they are the 14x35 and the 56x40. I waited until this morning and started working things out. I found by putting the small one on then it was much easier to put the 56x40 on after. Once I had grown accustomed to the stretch I was then able to put my 28x40 on top of of the other two for a total of 98 stretch. Because of the great fit and finish of your products I was able to wear this setup for a good 6 hours. I will endeavor to eventually wear my 56,42 and 28 for total of 126 stretch. I guess that will be really low hangers. Thanks

By from Ontario,Canada

Ball weights (31 July 2013)

I ordered a 28x40 and also a 42x40 just last week unbelievably they arrived today .That is unbelievably fast shipping across the pond.. I have got both of them on right now and the stretch and tug on my balls is crazy good. The fit and finish of them is perfect and the smoothness of the stainless steel makes them extremely comfortable.. Once I have got used to this stretch I will order the 56x40 for a really big stretch Great!!

By from essex

newbie stretcher (17 July 2013)

Excellent quality. Well machined and very comfortable to wear. Started with 14x40 then 28x40 then 42x40 and now wearing all three so 84x40. Equals approx 1400 g of Pure Pleasure. Going to order another batch so on my way to target of 6 inch stretch. All down to these guys. Thank you!

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