Light up your look with our fantastic range of silver jewellery. All our silver jewellery is crafted from solid Mexican silver and it is available in a huge choice of styles. Choose from chic silver bangles, silver necklaces and stylish silver rings.

Mexican .925 Silver. All Items are produced by small independent workshops by hand. These people are desended from generations of SilverSmiths recognised the world over as masters of their profession.

With proper care your silver will stay as beautiful as the day you received it. There is very little that can be done to damage silver that a good SilverSmith cannot repair.

Caring for your Silver
These cleaning tips are for the general public interested in maintaining the majority of personal Silver Jewellery.

If there is no tarnish on your silver , use a phosphate-free detergent to clean it after use. Silver that has been worn and then gently washed and dried immediately, will require seldom tarnish removal.

When first noticed (usually a yellowish-brownish tint), tarnish is easily removed. It becomes increasingly difficult to remove as it eventually turns to black. Frequent light cleanings, and then drying with a soft cloth is better then waiting until the tarnish gets so difficult to remove that more abrasive polishes would be needed.

When polishing or drying always use a clean, soft cotton cloth. Certain items may require a clean soft cotton ball.

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