Looking for a new hair colour that is both conditioning and long-lasting? Look no further than Hair Colour Semi Permanent! This vegan and cruelty free hair dye gives rich, vibrant color that will last for weeks. Plus, it's gentle on your hair, making it the perfect choice for those with sensitive scalp. So ditch the bland, boring hair color and opt for something fun and exciting with Hair Colour Semi Permanent!

Get amazing colour at home with Stargazer Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Dye. This easy-to-use hair dye gives incredible colour that’s strong, bright and luscious. It contains conditioning agents that leave your hair soft and conditioned, without the need for ammonia or peroxide.

Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Dye can be used on natural, dyed or bleached hair. It gives great results on natural hair but if you want to get a really bright, pure colour we recommend pre-lightening your hair.

This crazy colour hair dye typically lasts a few weeks but this depends on how often you wash your hair. When it does fade, the colour fades pleasantly and still looks good.

  • Includes full instructions etc
  • 2 boxes may be required for very long/thick hair
  • No ammonia
  • No peroxide
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Made in the UK


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So vibrant! (29 April 2012)

I bought these in Magenta, Plume and Royal Blue. I have naturally blonde hair and they came out nice and vibrant; they blend really well too. Annoyingly the colour fades more than I thought it would after one wash but I'm thinking it's just my hair type as most people say it lasts really well on their hair. It doesn't take long to touch it up before the weekend or a night out so it's not too bad! They're a bargain too and as I'm only doing the ends of my hair I'm getting my money's worth!

By Anonymous

Great on dark hair (15 December 2011)

I bought the Magenta colour as I've been wanting a pink tint on my hair for ages...but the only tints I could find that were semi permanent on the highstreet were either purple or red. This dye gave me the perfect dark, rich pink colour ive been wanting and came out really well conidering I have very dark brown hair :) The dying process got very messy though lol Just wish it didn't wash out as quick!

By Anonymous from England

Excellent! (08 August 2011)

I used the tropical green on bleached orangey, yellowy hair and it worked great! I was a little worried that the little bottle wouldn't be enough for my hair as it's about an inch past my shoulders but I needn't have worried! I had loads to spare! The dye went a really long way and left a great colour which is very bright and vibrant. I will definitely be using this dye from now on!


<3 (07 July 2011)

I brought this in magenta two weeks ago and it's amazing :D
I've washed my hair 9 times since I've dyed it, and it hasn't faded one bit. I put it on orange-yellowy hair (bleached) then left it on for just under 2 hours, and it worked great. It glows under UV light, which is great cause I didn't expect it to. I've had loads of compliments from people, even random strangers too. Only advice is buy two bottles if your hair is longer than shoulder length, as mine almost ran out (my hair is just past my shoulders).

By from Netherlands

I take back my words (27 September 2010)

As you see, I posted a review already, posted under this one. I said it was too bad it's a one-time-use, but I take my words back!
I tried to use it more than just once, and because of a cap underneath the upper cap, that's sealing the bottle. So the second time I tried to dye my hair, the result was just as good as the first time, the third time I used the dye, exactly the same! So I'm totally happy with the fact that it's possible to use the dye more than once! ;D
This time I'm going to try Coral Blue, I'm very curious to the result and hope it'll look nice on me! Again I'll post a pic. when I've got it in.
Thanks for this hair-dye for a reasonable price, I've become a huge fan and recommend it to friends and everyone I know, because it's doing what it tells; it gives bright, shiny, beautiful colors! <3 I'd give it twelve stars if I could!

By Anonymous

too bad it's a one-time-use (26 June 2010)

I've got short hair dyed black, but my pony/front locks is Magenta right now, but I've only used half a bottle, so it's too bad you can't use it twice =/
But oh, I LOVE the color!
I'm buying magenta again now, but when summer's over, I'm going to dye it Royal Blue maybe! ;D
Really, I recommend this to everyone!

By Anonymous

Ace! (06 June 2010)

Used the royal blue on my friend's bleached dreadlocks, it's the best you can get! I even like it more than manic panic :D
A really vibrant and eye-catching blue, I never found one this good. Thanks bjs!

By Anonymous

stargazer white (04 June 2010)

i used it on bleached/pr lightend hair and it worked realy well
it looked a bit gray at first but then when i washed it the grayness went and it turned pure white so i am going to keep using this product and im going to try the tropicaal green next or may just go white aagain
i recomend it as it conditions the hair and lightens alot

By Anonymous

Bright (17 May 2010)

This colour is soo bright and smells nice, well to me :), only advice would be to lighten hair if your hair is dark and i love the shade it goes when its fading :) x

By Anonymous

It's a great product. (12 April 2010)

I've used this product several times. I absolutely adore it. It lasts a good while, but never how long you'd like it to. When I use this product on my dark hair, it give a rich and vibrant color. I've seen it on lighter hair colors, and it still gives a beautiful color. I would recommend this product to any one who wants a good professional-looking dye job.

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