Our Body Piercing Aftercare range has everything you need to keep your piercings clean and speed up healing. Choose from basic saline solution or specialist kits to suit your piercing. Good piercing aftercare will help reduce healing times and prevent future infections, so these products are real essentials. If your piercing is often irritated, take a look at our Bioplast Body Jewellery – this incredible material reduces irritation, swelling and difficult healing.

We have a fantastic selecton of specifically chosen, optimal quality Healing and Aftercare Products for you to choose from. We have everything to suit your healing and aftercare needs!

Each cleaning, cleansing and antibacterial solution can be used daily to clean and freashen your piercing - taking good care of new piercings and body modifications will go a long way in preventing complications, speeding up the healing process and keeping your body well looked after!

We fully support the need for good hygiene and also provide you with the best value for money without compromising quality or reliability, so the importance of health can be considered by everyone!
See our information pages for more information on Piercing Aftercare and Common Piercing Problems.

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