Pinna piercings are placed in the outer ear rim, at the top of the ear. The pinna is also known as a helix piercing. Pinna piercings are versatile because you can wear all sorts of piercing jewellery in them, from plain studs to eye-catching ear cuffs. Choose from the pinna piercing jewellery below or click through to see our full range.


The Pinna piercing is a chic and stylish ear piercing often modelled by celebs and trendsetters. The Pinna is located on the top outer edge of the ear cartilage. The Pinna piercing is not dissimilar to an auricle piercing; however, it is positioned slightly higher up the ear. The Pinna ear piercing is often fashioned with circular barbells, straight barbells and labrets. The healing process for a Pinna piercing takes around 8-16 weeks and should be cleaned at least twice a day with sterile saline solution to prevent infection.

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