An orbital piercings is a piercing that enters and exits the same part of the ear. It actually made up of two piercing holes, with one ring going through both the piercings. Orbital ear piercings are usually located in the outer ear rim but they can be done anywhere your anatomy will allow. We have a great choice of orbital rings - choose from the rings below or click through to see the full range.


An orbital piercing is a combination of two ear piercings connected by one piece of jewellery, usually so a hoop piece of jewellery can pass through both. Whilst the Orbital piercing can be made in a number of locations, commonly people have this piercing in the helix or the lobe. The good news is that Orbital piercings on the earlobe are less painful than cartilage piercings, healing times are short (around 8-10 weeks) and are better than most piercing healing times.

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