Add a glamorous touch with one of our 9ct gold nose studs. These nose studs are made from solid gold and have a really classic look. These gold nose studs come in a range of styles that are stylish but discrete, perfect for any occasion. Gold is recommended for healed piercings, so it is a good idea to use a titanium nose stud or BioFlex nose stud until your piercing is healed and then switch to a 9ct gold nose stud.

A fabulous range of solid 9ct Gold Nose Studs in a range of colours and shapes. The nose studs feature a 'nose screw' twisted stem, for secure fitting that 'twists' into your nose piercing. This hook nose stud design is great for a very secure fastening and the studs are difficult to lose, even when sneezing!

These nose studs come in 1mm gauge (thickness).
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Back to school? Have an important job interview? Remember we also have Nose Piercing Retainers to hide your nose piercing for those important occasions.

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