Straight Nose Piercing Retainer

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This nose piercing retainer is a straight stem featuring one small ball and one small cone at each end. The ends are not removable and require the retainer to be eased through the piercing, ball first.

A hot shower or hot compress will help soften your skin before cleaning and inserting the retainer.

When handling or changing your body jewellery, you must always ensure to clean your hands, preferably with anti-bacterial soap.

Suitable for: Nose Piercing

Jewellery Type: Nose Studs and Rings, Piercing Retainers

Gauge / Thickness:
0.8mm (20 Gauge)
Jewellery Type:
Nose Studs and Rings
Piercing Retainers
6mm (1/4")
PMMA Acrylic


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Great (08 January 2013)

This is great I can hide it at school. Easy to put in and stays in! However I would recommend filing it down with a nail file as the triangular bit is abit too big and gives it away.


Much better than bioflex (12 October 2012)

I bought the clear bioflex nose retainer and found that it pinched my nose and left it looking red because it kept sinking in. But this straight retainer is much better leaving no redness at all! I just had to file the pointed bit as it was way too bulky to get it through. Great product, I love it!

By Anonymous

Good product (16 June 2009)

fantastic little piece, very subtle.

Little undcomfortable to push through an infected hole or fresh piercing but stays put really nicely!

By Anonymous

amazing (10 April 2009)

i brought one of these when i had to go bqack to school, i didn't want another plain retainer as i found that the head of the nose stud got caught in the skin around my healing nose piercing, i think this is a really good solution to the problem because it has a large head therefore the nose stud doesnt get stuck :) i recommend it!

By Anonymous

=) (07 September 2008)

I bought this product when i had to go back to school and had got my nose done, this was in year 10, i am now in my last year of 6th form and still teachers have no idea. Very easy to use and very effective!!!!!

By Anonymous

:-) (08 November 2007)

I bought one of these the other year when I was told to take my nosering out for work. It was a great retainer, very discreet and diddnt fall out. The only problem was that as I had kept it in for a few months due to work, I couldnt get the ball bit through my nose to take it out so I had to cut the end off to get it out and throw it away.

Does the job well though :-)

By Anonymous

i like this alot (05 November 2007)

i have just ordered another one of these retainers as i lost it at school today :\ but while it lasted it was really good, much better than the bioplast retainers with removable heads that were on sale here a while ago. As these come as one piece, its a lot more secure than the bioplast one i bought which the head kept falling off and made my nose piercing get quite irritated. these are comfortable to wear but i would recommend sanding the ball down a little as it can get very painful to take out if youve been wearing the retainer for a number of hours. Apart from that its all good :) no one notices it.

By Anonymous

nose retainers (30 October 2007)

i thought this product was great , i have my nose pierced and wasnt allowed to wear my nose piercing in school. So i ordered a noes retainer and it arive within the week , i think it took two day when i put it in it didnt hurt and you couldnt tell it was in unless you new it was there after the three week my nose piering was healed . i was so happy that my nose piercing didnt close up i was so happy with this product that i have reasantly brought an retainer for my ear piercing witch again didnt hurt when i put it in. Among with other product i have briought ears and belly bar and found that all the metals were great . thanks

By Anonymous

Nose Retainers (16 April 2005)

These are great for whenever you might need to conceal your piercings, I find that they aren’t too noticeable and have been permitted to wearing one at work, being told that I’d have to take out my facial piercings on interview. I’d definitely recommend retainers instead of losing one of your piercings. I’ve had no trouble with them falling out as I’d expected, and they sit nice and comfortably. Overall I’m very pleased.