Create a fabulous look with our Surgical Steel Nipple Shields. These unique pieces show off your nipple piercings perfectly and come in a great range of shield, frame and dangle designs. They look stunning on both men and women. Each nipple shield is held in place by your Nipple Bar, so it is easy to remove and wear.

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Our selection of Nipple Rings and Nipple Shields will suit all tastes. This range includes everything from stirrups with hanging motifs, chains, droppers to nipple shields, crowns and rounders!

Whether you like suibtle or intricate, jewelled or plain designs, we have something for you! Our shields are either raised or flat and are all worn with barbells.

Nipple shields are super easy to fit, and are worn with your Nipple Bar.

For the more ambitous, check out our great range of Nipple Clamps.

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