Update your look with our gorgeous range of Ultra Violet Micro Circular Barbells. These small-size circular barbells have 1.2mm titanium stems and colourful UV accessories that light up under UV light. Because of their shape and size, UV micro circular barbells are ideal for Nose Piercings, Pinna Piercings and Tragus Piercings.

These unique Micro UV Circular Barbells have two removable accessories on each end of the horseshoe shaped stem. The perfect accessory for parties, clubs and festivals when you really want to stand out from the crowd!

Micro Circular Barbells are incredibly versatile and can be worn in most piercings, as long as the size you choose will fit your piercing correctly. You will need to know both the gauge (thickness) and length (or internal diameter) of your piercing. Micro Circular barbells are all 1.2mm gauge (thickness).

These Micro Circular Barbells look fabulous in Pinna, Tragus, Nose and Auricle piercings!

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