Stand out in style with our range of Titanium Threaded Picture Balls! These cool threaded balls come in a range of gorgeous designs, from love hearts to fierce animal print. Just add these threaded balls to Titanium Barbells, Bananabells and Labret Studs for your perfect look.

Here you will find a fabulous selection of G23 Surgical Titanium threaded balls and accessories with picture designs in many different styles and colours.

Introducing the gorgeous new Meridian range of threaded balls, which you can also buy complete with Barbells and Bannanabells in a fantastic choice of designs - from stars, skulls, hearts and cherries to flowers, flames, lightning and Animal prints. This is the ideal range to make any piercing stand out with style, don't miss out!

ART-tech is a mixture of ceramics and a plastic, which hardens under light. Colour pigments are added to create different colours of ART-tech. This process can be compared to that of dentistry tooth-fillings! ART-tech can even be used in an autoclave for sterilization of jewellery, without the risk of damage.

The Meridian Range of jewellery here at BodyJewelleryShop use the ART-tech material in the range of barbells, bananabells and threaded balls. A water-soluble photo paper design is covered by a transparent ART-tech layer for protection of the design underneath.

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