Treat yourself to natural style with our great range of wood piercing jewellery. Wood is best suited to eardrops and stretched ear jewellery such as flesh tunnels. Because wood is so light, it places no strain on your lobes, perfect if you have large gauge stretchings. Although wood is not recommended for unhealed piercings, it will keep your healed piercings in great condition and can help to reduce odour. If you're a fan of natural materials, take a look at our natural piercing jewellery.

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Wood Jewellery

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from $9.00

Square Wooden Flesh Plug - Iron Wood

(RRP $0.00) YOU SAVE $- 9.00!


Concave Wood Plug - Sono Out Of Stock

from $9.00

Coconut Wood Plug - Coconut Out Of Stock

from $6.00

Wooden Flesh Tunnel - Crocodile Wood Out Of Stock


Wooden Flesh Tunnel - Sono Out Of Stock


Wooden Flesh Tunnel - Ebony Out Of Stock

from $5.45

Golden Tamarind Double Flared Plug Out Of Stock

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