Complete your look in style with our 18ct Gold Labret Studs. These beautiful labrets are available in solid gold or as bioplast labrets with 18ct gold accessories. We also have a full range of Labret Studs including Blackline Labret Studs and Zircon Gold Labrets.

18ct Gold Labret studs come in various sizes and designs. We have a range of push-fit labret studs with bioplast stems and 18ct gold push-fit accesories, or solid 18ct gold threaded labret studs with screw-on accessories. Push-fit labret studs are fitted by pushing the 18ct gold accessory into the bioplast stud, where it will stay secure until you 'pull' it out again. The process of fitting and removing the accessory is very easy and quick! Check out the rest of our Gold Jewellery and Bioflex Jewellery!

Labret studs are commonly worn in Lip and Labret piercings, although they are also ideal for Tragus piercings!

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