Get glamorous with our range of Dangle Bananabells. These cute navel bananabells come in a range of jewelled drop designs that catch the light when you move. Bright and stylish, these bananabells look fabulous with any outfit. We also have a full range of Navel Piercing Jewellery to choose from.

These dangle navel bananabells are jazzed up versions of the standard navel bananabell. These bananabells include a wide range of hanging motifs, which dangle down from the bottom of your navel piercing.

This beautiful selection of high quality bananabells include stunning designs with jewelled and stone set flowers, skulls, crowns, handcuffs, guns, teardrops, lock and keys, ringlets, waterfalls and many more!

Navel bananabells are simply stunning! Each comes with a clear jewelled bananabell and crystal encrusted charm.

Make your belly piercing stand out in style!

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