Ball closure rings are perhaps the most versatile type of piercing jewellery available - they work with almost any piercing. Ball closure rings - also known as BCRs - feature a ring with a small gap. This is closed by a clip-in ball or shaped accessory, forming a secure ring. BCRs come in a huge range of materials and styles, from plain titanium ball closure rings and surgical steel ball closure rings to funky UV ball closure rings.

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BCRs Jewellery

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UV Smooth Segment Ring - Blue Out Of Stock

from $59.40

18ct Gold Ball Closure Ring - 1.2mm Out Of Stock

from $89.90

18ct Gold Ball Closure Ring - 1.6mm Out Of Stock

from $21.00

Titanium Smooth Segment Rings - 4.0mm Out Of Stock


Star Jewelled BCR - Black Out Of Stock


Jewelled Star BCR - Purple Out Of Stock