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Make your piercing disappear with this Invisible Push Fit Disc.

This clear Bioplast disc is barely noticeable and completely invisible from a distance. It’s perfect for hiding your piercing at work, school or for a specific event.

The push fit disc can be fitted to any push fit Bioplast labret or nose stud – so you can leave the stud in your piercing for a quick change-over.

Jewellery Type: Threaded / Push Fit Accessories

Ball Size:
Gauge / Thickness:
1.0mm (18 Gauge)
Jewellery Type:
Threaded / Push Fit Accessories


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By from England

Great for my lip piercing (10 May 2012)

I highly recommend this for work. It is hard to spot, not totally undetectable but the next best thing. A couple of my work mates have noticed (possibly because I wear a 10mm stem so it sticks out a little when I smile, a shorter stem may help) but even they weren't sure if it was a piercing or not and had to ask. So I would say it has been a success.

At first I found it an impossible task to get the disc into the stem (lost two in the process!) they are so teeny tiny and if you drop them they're nearly impossible to spot! however with a little practice I have now got the knack of it (I rest the stem against my tooth and just pop it in). It is a bit fiddly until you're used to it, but persevere it's worth it!


Nose piercing (26 October 2011)

I use this with the bioplast stem as I work in an office where nose piercings are a big no no. You can barely see it unless you are really looking for it and close up. I'm really pleased with it and was worried I'd not be able to hide such an obvious facial piercing. So far it hasn't fallen out which I was worried about but then again I have kept well away from fiddling with it!

Downside is it is tricky to get into the stem, irritated my newish piercing doing so and patience and short fingernails are a requirement

By Anonymous from Northampton, England

Clear Push Fit Disc (20 August 2011)

I really liked this product, since I've had to use it for school due to not being allowed any sort of piercing anymore. they are really small and unnoticeable, which is great if thats what you want them for.
however, I used two of these with a bioplast for my auricle piercing and they are quite tricky to get in if you can't see them, as well as the size of both the bioplast post and the push fit disc they are extremely fiddly.
aside from this, they are very easy to take apart and I would recommend it :)
if I had any tips for this, try not to play with them and take them apart too often, because I'm sure you wouldn't like to lose your discs!

By Anonymous

great for my lip not for my nose (29 June 2010)

I bought the clear tips because the flesh ones were too noticeable. When I have the clear on my lip its not too noticeable. However, with my nose(since I haven't been wearing make up lately) it sticks out like a sore thumb.

By Anonymous

Great at camouflaging (26 May 2010)

This does the job perfectly! I bought a couple of these as a spare after i lost my initial one that came with the bioflex post which i've got. so if you're pretty clumsy like me, its always handy to keep a couple of spares. Will be very sure i will be getting more again, great product!

By Anonymous

Push Fit Clear Disc (16 February 2010)

Nifty little retainer for use with a push-fit stem - buy a couple if you have a tendency to play with your piercing. I've managed to misplace one without even noticing (they push fit pretty snug).

By Anonymous

Invisible (04 February 2010)

I bought three of these for when I had a job interview and they are exactly what you need if you wish to hide your piercings. I really like the bioplast jewellery and the push fit accessories are so much better than threaded.

By Anonymous

=) (20 November 2009)

very good at hiding your piercing as it just looks like a beauty spot or something .. down side is i've managed to drop mine & no matter how hard i try i can't find it as it is very small but recommended =) i'd advise you to buy a couple incase your as clumsy as me & drop it

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