Give your internally threaded body jewellery a new lease of life with these internally threaded jewelled balls. These internally threaded titanium balls come in a choice of colours that make it easy to colour coordinate your jewellery or mix and match different colours. These jewelled balls are suitable for any internally threaded jewellery of the correct gauge.

These Internally Threaded Jewelled Balls are an old favourite in the world of body jewelllery. Suitable for pretty much anything with a 1.6mm Internal thread on it! Enhance your barbell, bananabell, circular barbell, labret stud or surface bar to add a touch of sparkle.

Perfect for Lip, Labret, Madonna, Surface, Tragus, Tongue and Lobe piercings!

These Internally Threaded Jewelled Balls are great when paired up with our 1.6mm Internally Threaded Flat Tongue Bars for tongue piercings, or Internally Threaded Barbells for most other piercings!