Create your perfect look with our gorgeous range of Internally Threaded Titanium Balls and Accessories. These internally threaded accessories come in a great choice of colours and styles so you can create any look. Just add them to any of our Internally Threaded Titanium Body Jewellery.


Titanium Disc Out Of Stock

These Internally Threaded Balls and Accessories are compatible with internally threaded jewellery stems, such as barbells, bananabells, circular barbells and labret studs. These internally threaded accessories are most commonly worn in Lip, Labret, Madonna, Surface, Tragus, Tongue and Lobe piercings!

These Internally Threaded Balls and Discs are great when paired up with our Internally Threaded Flat Tongue Bars for tongue piercings, or Internally Threaded Barbells for most other piercings!