On this page you can browse all our piercing rings by internal diameter. The internal diameter is very important when buying ball closure rings, circular barbells and body spirals because it tells you how much space there will be for your piercing. This is especially important where the ring goes around part of the body, such as a lip piercing or a helix piercing. If the internal diameter is too small, the ring will pinch and tug at your piercing, if it is too big, the ring will flop around. To find out the best internal diameter you should measure from the piercing hole to the edge of your lip / ear / nose.

6mm (1/4")

View Full 6mm (1/4") Range

7mm (0.28")

View Full 7mm (0.28") Range

8mm (5/16")

View Full 8mm (5/16") Range

9mm (0.35")

View Full 9mm (0.35") Range

10mm (3/8")

View Full 10mm (3/8") Range

11mm (7/16")

View Full 11mm (7/16") Range

12mm (1/2")

View Full 12mm (1/2") Range

13mm (34/64")

View Full 13mm (34/64") Range

14mm (9/16")

View Full 14mm (9/16") Range

15mm (0.59")

View Full 15mm (0.59") Range

16mm (5/8")

View Full 16mm (5/8") Range

17mm (0.67")

View Full 17mm (0.67") Range

18mm (11/16")

View Full 18mm (11/16") Range

19mm (3/4")

View Full 19mm (3/4") Range

20mm (13/16")

View Full 20mm (13/16") Range

22mm (7/8")

View Full 22mm (7/8") Range

25mm (1")

View Full 25mm (1") Range

26mm (1.02")

View Full 26mm (1.02") Range

28mm (1.10")

View Full 28mm (1.10") Range

Body Jewellery Product Filters

This feature allows you to find body jewellery & piercing accessories based on a number of filters, including colour, diameter, length, brand, material, design etc.

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