Helix piercings are located in the outer edge of the ear and are usually placed between the middle and top of the ear. Helix piercings at the top of the ear are also known as pina piercings, while helix piercings near the middle of the ear are also known as auricle piercings.


The super stylish Helix piercing sits on the upper section of the ear and is a cartilage piercing. The helix is the outer rim of the ear and helix piercings can be placed anywhere along the top half of the outer rim. Barbells, ball closure rings, circular barbells and body spirals can all be worn in helix piercings. Barbells move around the least and are recommended as initial jewellery following your piercing. The Helix piercing is performed using a small needle and the amount of pain experienced is fairly low. Healing time is between 8-16 weeks and we recommend that your Helix piercing should be cleaned at least twice daily with saline solution in the early days.


The forward Helix is this year’s must-have. It can be customised with multiple piercings go for a double or even triple Helix piercing to add a fashionable unique twist. The Forward Helix sits lower down towards the front of the outer rim of the ear. The most popular jewellery for this type of piercing are ear studs or curved bars. The Forward Helix can feel a bit more painful than the traditional Helix and can take up to 12 weeks to heal, again we recommend cleaning the piercing twice a day using a sterile saline solution.

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