Make a statement with our Gemstone Flesh Plugs. These eye-catching flesh plugs are hand-carved from natural crystals, giving you gorgeous colour and style. Choose from these crystals or take a look at our Coral Flesh Plugs and Glass Flesh Plugs for more options.

In this section we introduce a spectacular selection of saddled (double flared) flesh plugs from around the world. Many of our materials have variable patternwork and pieces may vary from the shown examples.

Please remember that stone is a dense material and that stone plugs may be slightly heavier than our organics range. Also, the mineral composition may alter from plug to plug, batch to batch. This is unavoidable in such a product.

Some wearers may exhibit an intolerance to any given stone and this is unpredictable. If you experience local trauma or irritation, remove and replace.

Stone plugs should first be cleaned in antibacterial soap and water.

All flesh plugs and tunnels for stretched piercings are sold singularly, so you can mix and match your designs!

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