Choose our cool Fake Flesh Plugs and get the look of stretched ears without the pain! These clever plugs fit into a standard 1.2mm ear piercing but look just like a real stretching. Choose from funky Ikon designs or go for a Fake Stretching Taper for a more eye-catching look.


Fake Ear Plug - Dice Out Of Stock


Fake Ear Plug - Jesus Out Of Stock


Fake Plug Earring - Heart Out Of Stock

All fake flesh plugs are sold singularly, so you can mix and match your designs!

Fake Flesh Plugs allow you to look like you have stretched ears while only having a standard piercing.
The fake flesh plugs and tapers are designed in two pieces; the Front Disc screws off for easy fitting, simply push the bar through your piercing and screw the front disc back on, for a hassle free stretched look.

Our Fake Flesh Plugs are available in a range of colours and styles, including tapers UV and picture plugs.

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