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The Easypiercing® anti-bacterial solution has been designed to work quickly and effectively on a large number of bacteria and leaves an antibacterial film on the skin.


FOR SPECIAL DELIVERY/NEXT DAY PLEASE ONLY ORDER 2 MAX (any additonal bottles will be held and refunded)

Each product allows two months of care (approximately 120 amounts per product). A simple pressure on the diffuser releases the amount necessary for each application.

Specific advantages

- NF EN1040 standard
- Eliminates lymph secretions
- Manufactured under pharmaceutical control

50ml 1,7 fl oz

Jewellery Type: Piercing Tools & Aftercare

Jewellery Type:
Piercing Tools & Aftercare


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By from UK

The only thing that has worked!! (15 May 2019)

For years I’ve had so much trouble with piercings and even though I love them I’ve had to take about 5 piercings out due to infections! I was about to take my two cartilage third hole piercings (8 weeks old) out as they were extremely infected, red, pussy, angry and very very painful - I’ve been using this (spraying directly on the back and front of my piercings) for about a week and a half and the redness has completely gone, it has dried up and there’s virtually no pain!! Literally over the moon as it’s the only thing that has worked on my ears, also now wondering how many piercings I could have kept if I had known about this sooner :)

By from London

Brilliant!!! (18 April 2019)

I’ve been limping along trying to heal a cartilage ear piecing for 9 months. Three days of using this twice a day and transformed. No milky coloured lymph, no redness, no throbbing in the evening and all starting to look pretty healthy. After one week nearly sorted. Super impressed by this product. Was about to give up and let it heal over. Thanks so much. Just surprised piercer doesn’t recommend it to everyone!!!

By from Stroud

SUPERB (07 January 2018)

How come I haven't seen this before? After 2 years of trying to heal my piercings I've finally found something that works. I noticed a difference after the first application. This product is AMAZING.

10/10 - I would recommend this to anyone that has a piercing :)

By from London

GREAT - GET IT! (24 June 2015)

I got my industrial piercing (13/06/15) and i was super scared of getting it infected because my hair was forever on it (i use a lot of oils/hair products) was searching and researching on what to use and came across this beauty! I got this as well as the salt solution one which i haven't used as yet! This Product is AMAZING! I developed a small lump and it was so sensitive, red and slightly swollen so was guessing its infected! I saw reviews stating within 2 days it cleared and thought hmmm whatever but literally Honestly within 2/3 days i could actually touch it without wanting to cry and the lump went within the week of using- I get to carry it to work and while on holiday too-, I clean it about 3 times a day quick spray and clean off with a Q-Tip finished . Of course anit-bac is ya best friend too along side this product! Its pricey but £5 is better than an infected ear! :)

By from Uk

Very good recommend! (21 June 2015)

Really like this, definitely notice an improvement when I use it! I feel like it helps it heal the piercing better definitely a must for a new piercing!

By from wales

Fab! (14 April 2012)

Id had real trouble with my rook piercing and after just 2 days of using this spray my rook's pain was almost gone! Id bought the salt spray before but hadnt tried the anti-bacterial so I am well impressed with both! Worth the money and easy to use whenever!

By from Hatfield

Brilliant (19 February 2012)

I had a lump on the top of my ear due to an industrial piercing and this sorted it right out. It's gone completely. It's really useful and is definitely worth getting for aftercare.

By Anonymous

Handy (14 July 2010)

This is very handy for when you're out and about and need to clean your piercings. Very good for ears too as you can get all piercings in one go.

By Anonymous

anti-bacterial solution (18 June 2010)

this is a great solution,and is definately the best one iv tried. iv tried many , but this has been the best by far!

By Anonymous

Anti-bac spray (06 June 2010)

This stuff for me is a god send. Just spray it onto a clean piercing and it protects it from nasty bacteria. I use it on all my piercings and is especially good when used in conjunction with the other products in the range. Perfect for festivals and problematic piercings.

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