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The Easypiercing® kit is the first full healing and aftercare solution set, especially designed to soothe body piercings and modifications.



Each product allows two months of care (approximately 120 amounts per product). A simple pressure on the diffuser releases the amount necessary for each application.

Each bottle allows two months of care (approximately 120 amounts per product). A simple pressure on the diffuser releases the amount necessary for each application.

Easypiercing® care kit contains:

- Mild cleansing gel (50ml 1,7 fl oz)
- Saline solution (50ml 1,7 fl oz)
- Antibacterial solution (50ml 1,7 fl oz)
- 20 Sterile compresses
- 1 instructional guide for using

* Please note that due to Royal Mail this will be sent in 2 packages and a shipping fee will be applied *

Jewellery Type: Piercing Tools & Aftercare

Jewellery Type:
Piercing Tools & Aftercare


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By from England

Expectionally good! (10 March 2016)

Got my helix pierced in December via a ear gun (no judgying), its been healing fine so far with little gunk or swelling but with the odd occasional flare up this kit has rescued me! With regular cleaning maintenence with this kit has been amazing! Helped with keeping it infection free! Very recommended!

By from Midlands

So glad I found this! (21 September 2015)

After reading these reviews, I thought I'd give this kit a go. I've been struggling for about 9 months with getting a tragus and helix to heal. They were always sore and dry. After a couple of weeks of using the kit morning and night (and after a very fast delivery!) They have felt so much better. Bump has gone from tragus, no swelling, and well moisturised. I've even managed to get the helix stud changed to a small stud. Really happy! Definitely worth a try for those struggling to heal their piercings. Wish I'd found it earlier!

By from Uk

Brill!!! (13 May 2015)

I bought this product 2 days ago and the delivery was super quick! After having my Tragus and Rook pierced, my rook was super swollen and hot, after trying out this brilliant kit, the swelling and redness has gone down amazingly! My ear feels super fresh and clean, much better than a hot sea salt soak, brilliant kit, especially for on the go if you don't have time for a sea salt soak, also you can take it away on holiday etc with you which is a life saver!
All in all a brilliant product, will defiantly be re-purchasing!

By from South London

I can't recommend this stuff enough! (16 February 2015)

I always purchase these sprays or this kit when I get a new piercing as they are the only ready-made solutions that don't irritate my piercing. Rock salt that I'm normally given at my local piercing studio tends to make my piercings dry and itchy whilst healing but this kit work a treat! I can't recommend them enough, it's an absolute godsend and works out a little bit cheaper than buying separate (plus you get little compresses included which are a lot better than a cotton bud/pad!). Everyone should own this kit! Super fast delivery from BJS also, perfect.


Amazing Stuff (04 August 2014)

I bought this as a last resort to heal my tragus piercing that I've had for nearly a year. I had a red lump around the piercing which flared up from any sort of contact and was quite sore.

Since using this pack the lump has gone, leaving only a little red mark around the piercing (which is fading). I've already bought another pack to keep up with the cleaning, even though I've followed the instructions the saline solution only lasted a month and the antibacterial solution is nearly empty.

I would hihgly recommend this care kit even if it doesn't last as long as two months!

By from Cardiff

Best aftercare on the market (18 May 2014)

This kit is great especially for piercing that can get easily knocked or irritated by clothes when healing no matter how careful you are. I found it heals much better than SS and quicker too. My main reason for getting this was because its a good spray that you can get on hard to reach places. I like one of the other reviewers sprayed directly onto my piercings - it is easier especially if you've got things like rook piercings etc which are hard to swab with anything - just don't hold it super close, wipe it and leave any residue to dry, use the anti-bacterial and you're good to go. I only do it once a day because thats always worked for my body, same with SS.

I use the foam cleaner in the shower just before I get out but don't use it any other time.

You wouldn't have any issues if you did exactly what they say on the box and you would need to use a Q-tip of swap to remove any crusties if you're piercing is really new.

I wish I had this years ago with my navel piercing - it would have healed so much quicker. I had my outer conch pierced 2 week ago with a 1.6mm and I can notice how quickly its healing in comparison to other similar piercings where I only use SS.

By from London, UK

Amazing Product! (29 December 2013)

I purchased this entire kit after having my 5 month old industrial piercing infected. I've used the salt spray before and it's a really soothing and cooling spray, that is especially easy to take on trips/holidays because of its size!

The only downside is that it did not came with swabs, instead it was 20 cotton like compresses, like a cloth and it didn't had a plastic storage bag, yet it's still worth it!

I am a person who does not have time to SS my ear 2-3 times a day, I've done it for the first few months but then it decreased to 2-3 times a week and I was also touching, it gets caught in my (long) hair, so it got infected along with small hypertrophic scars in both inner holes.

And this literally cured my ear! Industrials are a pain in the ass, but this entire care kit, combined with occasional SS salts… Amazing!!

So this is how I use it (in case you have industrial piercing like me):

1. I soak my ear in hot water or SS soak, so all the crusties and the entire piercing would 'loosen' up and be easier to handle.

2. Use the green gel (it's a foam) to clean your ear. Just a very small squeeze will be more than enough to clean the ear. Use a cotton swab to take portions of it and gently apply to both inner and outer pierced holes. Use a wet cotton pad to clean the foam away and gently dab the area dry. Don't worry if it's still slightly wet.

3. Take the salt spray and spray for three seconds directly on the piercing. I know it says not to on the can, but the product gets on better that way. Also use a cotton but, soaked in the salt spray solution to remove any puss/crusties/dried blood/lymph from the holes. Just be GENTLE! industrials are very sensitive.

4. Finally (after dabbing the area dry again) use the orange anti-bacterial spray. Spray for 3 seconds on your piercing and use a soaked cotton swab to dispense the product better. Be gentle!

5. Leave the orange spray to air dry, and you're good to go!

Hope that helps, and I will definitely be purchasing this again!

By from London

Brilliant! Well worth buying! (20 October 2012)

This product is amazing!

I've had a bump on my tragus for months, had tried SSS which had done nothing, within two days this stuff has gotten rid of it!

It recommends using the products twice a day, I've only used it once a day so far (I'm cheap lol), and it's done the trick. The bottles are the full size amount that you can buy separately, and well worth the £12!

Clear instructions on how to use, can't recommend this enough!!

By from Scotland

Amazing Product!! (02 July 2012)

This kit is an absolute MUST for most piercings and has been a godsend for me!!

It comes in a white cardboard box and contains the foam wash, the salt solution spray, the antibacterial spray, and the box of swabs for applying / wiping off the products.

You use it twice a day and use the foam cleanser first, rinse off and dry, then use the salt spray, then dry, then the antibacterial spray, pat dry then leave. It really works at calming down and healing piercings amazingly!!

I would recommend this kit to everyone who has or likes piercings, i bought 2 so i wouldn't run out!

Worth the money and the best on the market.

Also would like to say that this kit isn't designed for dermal anchors etc, only use the salt spray just once a day on those :)

By from Midlands

This kit is flipping fantastic! (10 May 2012)

I discovered and decided to try this kit after having had my spiderbites for nearly 3 months and still having issues with them even with regular SSS, Listerine, hot compresses etc. After 2 days using these products my lip is completely transformed! No more pain, swelling or oozing. Having had the piercings so long already, I don't think I'll be using this more than a fortnight, but I've also decided to start stretching my earlobes so it'll come in useful for that. Definitely will be buying again for subsequent piercings and trying the easytattoo products for future tattoos :) Highly recommended

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