Enjoy sparkling glamour every day with our Jewelled Navel Bananabells. These gorgeous bananabells come in a range of rainbow colours and funky designs to really make you stand out. We also have a great range of Navel Piercing Jewellery to choose from.


Milk Jewel Belly Bar - Black Out Of Stock


These jewelled navel bananabells are a popular piece of navel jewellery that are stylish and simple. The bottom Jewel sits in the belly button and the top ball screws on and off to fit the piece.
These bananabells are available in many colours and can easily be enhanced with
Jewelled Balls, Navel Orbitals and Chains.

This great range includes a spectrum of colours, including single jewelled bananabells, double jewelled bananabells, flower stone set bananabells and many more!

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