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Bioflex jewellery is flexible, allowing movement to minimise risk of injury to any piercing.

These labret studs have Bioflex clip-in accessories that are push-fit (not threaded) making the process of fitting and removing the accessory much easier.

Bioflex is independently judged to be biocompatible and benefits of use include minimised swelling, infections and faster healing times.

Available in 1.2mm and 1.6mm Gauge.

Suitable for: Ear Piercing - Auricle, Ear Piercing - Conch, Ear Piercing - Ear Lobe, Ear Piercing - Pinna, Ear Piercing - Tragus, Labret Piercing, Lip Piercing, Madonna / Top Lip

Jewellery Type: Labret Studs

Gauge / Thickness:
1.2mm (16 Gauge)
1.6mm (14 Gauge)
Jewellery Type:
Labret Studs
10mm (3/8")
6mm (1/4")
8mm (5/16")
Popular Designs:


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By Anonymous

Good but quite fiddly for nose piercings (08 June 2010)

My corksrew titanium bar came out when i was cleaning it carelessly and i panicked when it fell out (i'd only been pierced for a week) so i put this labret bar in (1.2mm 10mm length) and it fit well in my nose and was much comfier although it was so hard to get it in from the inside hole to the outside (i had to use another bar i had like a hollow needle to guide the way!)
for lip piercing and ear piercings i know that they are good so it still gets a 10 :)

By Anonymous

Dark Blue Push-Fit (27 February 2010)

I too have found that the jewel is actually a bit small! I don't chew my jewellery too much, but I do 'tongue' it to pull it close to my lip again. I too find that it slips into my piercing, which isn't a big deal if it just hides for a minute, but when I caught it with my toothbrush this morning and almost ripped it out the back, that hurt. Would be a pain to push the jewel back out without loosing it too, if it came out of the post in the piercing.

Otherwise, I find the post very comfortable, and am happy with my purchase. I love the way it looks, and will continue to wear it. My piercing is well healed (over 10 years) so it doesn't get irritated too badly when this does happen.

By Anonymous

PRODUCT (31 January 2010)

i have this product as a retainer for school in the top of my ear, my helix piercing, as i am 13 i need to cover it up, its the comfiest bar i have ever tried, i would defenatly recommend it

By Anonymous

Very pretty! (06 March 2009)

I love these labret studs. Especially these gem ones. I wish they done them in more colours though.. hint hint!

By Anonymous

Blue Bioflex (13 January 2009)

I was really excited about this product; It's very cute and the gem is very sparkly, but I found it to be too small. I got it to wear in a lip piercing, but I have a habit of chewing on my jewellery. Chewing on this however, makes it go half-way back into the piercing itself which is not the most comfortable of things. If you don't chew on your lip jewellery, go for it, otherwise avoid.

By Anonymous

Clear BioFlex Jewelled Flat Disc Labret Stud - Dark Blue (04 January 2008)

This item is a perfect fit for my low labret piercing and is very subtle but looks beautiful when it sparkles and has recieved many compliments =D

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