Make a statement with our great choice of Art Tech Carousel Titanium Threaded Accessories. These cool threaded accessories feature colourful stripes that really brighten up your look – choose cones, balls or coordinate all your body piercings. Just add these threaded balls to Titanium Barbells, Bananabells and Labret Studs for your perfect look.

This is the colourful range of G23 Surgical Titanium Carousel Threaded Balls with ART-tech colour inserts, for that really vibrant and funky style!

Carousel threaded accessories are very sleek and stylish, making a fantastic alternative to other standard threaded balls.

Popular with both men and women, the colour range is very versatile, offering something for all tastes.

There is now a massive range of ART-Tech Carousel jewellery, so it is easy to match all your piercings! Simply type in 'ART-tech' into the search box at the top of this page!