Sharpen your style with our great range of Threaded Titanium Cones and Spikes. These eye-catching threaded accessories are a great way to stand out from the crowd. Short spikes look great on any barbell and longer spikes make a real statement. Just add these threaded balls to Titanium Barbells, Bananabells and Labret Studs for your perfect look.

A wide selection of G23 Surgical Titanium threaded cones and spikes, availabla in a variety of sizes, colours and shapes.

You will find cones and spikes for both 1.6mm and 1.2mm piercings, ideal for customizing your existing threaded stems (such as bananabells, labret studs , barbells, body spirals and circular barbells) - simply thread them onto any stem with the same gauge compatability!

Spikes and cones look great on facial piercings such as lip, labret, or eyebrows, although they can be used on pretty much any piercing you wish!