Enjoy natural style with our Buffalo Flesh Plugs. Each flesh plug is handcrafted from ethically obtained buffalo horn. The horn has a smooth polish, excellent biocompatibility and reduces odour, perfect for any stretching. As well as these designs we also have a great choice of Etched Buffalo Tunnels.

All flesh plugs and tunnels for stretched piercings are sold singularly, so you can mix and match your designs!

Our Buffalo flesh plugs come in loads of great designs and sizes ranging from 6mm through to 30mm.

All buffalo body jewelllery is hand carved from water buffalo horn.
No animal life is taken to aquire this material and no suffering is involved in the acquisition of these by-products.
Buffalo horn should not be exposed to any extreme temperature.
Do not autoclave or heat sterilise any of these products.
Buffalo horn body jewellery should not be worn in new or unhealed body piercings.

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