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Discover the smoothest of all body piercing rings - our blackline smooth segment ring. This smooth segment ring works just like a BCR except that instead of a clip-in ball it has a curved segment that creates a seamless look.

This means that these rings can be rotated smoothly through your piercings and won't catch on anything. They are much more comfortable that BCRs and easier to clean. Smooth segment rings can be a little fiddly to use at first so if you plan on wearing these a lot we recommend purchasing some piercing jewellery pliers.

Blackline is extremely biocompatible and this blackline ring is recommended if you have experienced irritation from other metals. It is flawlessly smooth and has a stylish high shine.

Suitable for: Ear Piercing - Auricle, Ear Piercing - Conch, Ear Piercing - Daith, Ear Piercing - Ear Lobe, Ear Piercing - Orbital, Ear Piercing - Pinna, Ear Piercing - Rook, Ear Piercing - Snug, Ear Piercing - Stretched Lobes, Ear Piercing - Tragus, Earl / Bridge Piercing, Eyebrow Piercing, Female Genital Piercing, Lip Piercing, Male Genital Piercing, Navel (Belly Button) Piercing, Nipple Piercing, Nose Piercing, Septum Piercing, Surface Piercing

Jewellery Type: BCRs


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By from Tiverton

Smooth Segment Ring (23 November 2011)

I bought this product back along to put into my helix piercing, it took a little while to put in because i was trying to suss out how i could put the little bar in the ring, but hey presto with a little help from body jewellery shop itself showed me how to do it :) it looks very very cool, and is so comfortable (sometimes i even forget i have it) and i would definitely recommend this product :D

By Anonymous

love it (10 May 2010)

its so comfortable and light weight. i thought id be able to feel the joints but i cant. i barely notice i have it in half the time and it doesnt get in my way when kissing or anything else. its a fantastic product!

By Anonymous

Me Likey (30 April 2010)

These rings are very nice, comfy and light... I personally have the ''1.6mm x 12mm'' in my lobe's and am planning on putting ''1.2mm x 10mm'' just behind them in a secondary lobe peircing... In the words of tony the tiger - ''theeere grrreat''.

By Anonymous

mintus (03 March 2010)

both me and my gf have these in , obviously from black line there really good quality , bit fiddly mind u but still look really good and feel really comfortable

By Anonymous

Great product (01 December 2009)

very fiddly to get the segment into place however, it took me ages of just playing about with it to get the segment in place! I have mine in my septum and the segment is great for the fact it cannot get caught, and I can happily twist my septum piercing and play with it (:

By Anonymous

Pretty good! (18 October 2009)

Love it! Blackline is such good quality.. Although the segment was a mission to get it :P

By Anonymous

Lip =D (22 July 2009)

Got this for my lip ring, and it's perfect for when I play around with the jewellery in my lip; the ball doesn't get in the way.

By Anonymous

!YES! (19 July 2009)

I had it in my septum. i found it very comfortable. Looks good.

but the 1 bad thing i would say is its an awkward segment to get in. i dunno about anywear else but not for the septum. lol. my bad.

By Anonymous

Takes a bit of effort... (01 April 2009)

..but once it's in, its not gonna fall out! I did have to open it with a pair of pliers to begin with, but that didnt leave any marks on it.

Bought this for my lip and used it soon after it was first pierced, looked great but now its a tad too big. However its very comfortable and i wear it every so often...

Just reccomend double checking your size first as its quite epensive!

By Anonymous

great ring (30 March 2009)

Wow , realy looks the part, i need a couple of these for my ears :) good value too

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