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BioFlex Nose Piercing Retainer with Bioplast disc. 

If you're looking for a nose piercing retainer that's both effective and discreet, look no further than the Clear BioFlex Nose Piercing Retainer. This comfortable, soft plastic retainer is virtually invisible, making it perfect for hiding piercings when you need to. It's also ideal for problem piercings that are taking a long time to heal.

The Clear BioFlex Nose Piercing Retainer is made of medical grade silicone, so it's safe for your skin and won't cause any irritation. It's comfortable to wear and can be easily removed when you need to. So if you're looking for a nose piercing retainer that's both effective and discreet, the Clear BioFlex Nose Piercing Retainer is the perfect choice.

BioFlex is an excellent piercing material. BioFlex can be steam sterilized or autoclaved; BioFlex is highly bio-compatible. It reduces the chances of an allergic reaction to almost zero.

These retainers can also be used in ear lobes and ear cartilage piercings. 

Suitable for: Ear Piercing - Ear Lobe, Nose Piercing

Jewellery Type: Nose Studs and Rings, Piercing Retainers


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Bioflex Curved Nose Stud Set Out Of Stock

By from england

good product (16 October 2019)

bought this for school it’s honestly invisible all you can see is a tiny black dot

By Anonymous

Decent for concealing nose piercing (18 April 2018)

I bought this luckily for an interview. I also purchased the flesh colored screw which looks terrible! You can hardly notice thus at all, and really just looks like maybe I have a nose piercing hole, but doesn't look like there is jewelry in it. Not invisible, but pretty darn close. I think I can wear it to an interview and work with no problem. The curve is really long, but the plastic seems like it will be easy to cut shorter. I ordered both the .8 and the 1 gauge since I wasn't sure, and the .8 is less noticeable in my nose. Not much of a size difference, and the 1 is closer to my everyday stud, but my piercing is so old I'm not worried about it changing the size. If you have a fresh piercing and want this to retain it discretely, I'd order the bigger size. Not much difference, but it might matter? I'm pleased with this and luckily didn't only order the flesh tone, which I'll be throwing away since it's worthless.

By from Warwickshire

Very, very good- would recommend (12 August 2017)

I am an air cadet, meaning i have to conform to military dress standards- which doesn't allow any more than a single earlobe piercing, and i use these retainers in both sides of my nose- i've never been picked up for my nose piercings on inspection which is brilliant!

These retainers are very flexible, making them relatively simple to get into the piercing, and once it is in place the piercing is actually invisible. I've found that the plastic doesn't irritate my piercing as much as other retainers too, meaning i can keep it in for longer periods of time- like when i'm on a week long camp.

10/10 would definitely recommend!!

By from Cardiff

Just what I needed! (11 December 2016)

After receiving a huge job offer on Friday, I needed a retainer for my nose piercing (because they aren't allowed in this office environment - which is stupid, but okay). My piercer had shut shop for the weekend and I had no idea where to get one so I ordered this one late Friday afternoon as a last resort, assuming it would get to me by Monday or Tuesday. Luckily enough, it arrived the following morning!

The retainer is perfect. It's exactly what I needed and it makes my piercing look a little like a blackhead when you really look at it, but when you're not paying attention to it, it's invisible. The only qualm I have with it is that the bar is quite short, so it's a little snug, but I suppose it makes it even more harder to spot!

By from England

Really satisfied (31 October 2016)

Really happy with this retainer

By from Uk

Amazing product (05 September 2016)

Bought this as im not allowed piercings in school. I only got my nose pierced 2 months ago so i couldnt take my stud out for school. This retainer is great, its got a small stud that is flat and practically invisable. Its comfy and extremely easy to put in. I can barely see it and i havent put makeup over it yet. It just looks like a black head. Highly recommened this product if you need to hide your piercing.

By from England

Amazing (01 September 2016)

This is amazing and easy to put in . Makes piercing almost completely invisible.

By from Hartlepool

daaaammmnnn (06 August 2016)

the delivery was super fast, I wasn't expecting to get it in two days. I haven't actually tried the product yet as I've only had it pierced for a week, but with September coming quick I needed this. It's very small, I think I might struggle with getting it in but it does the job. it's so cute as well. Would recommend this, don't try to cover your piercing up with foundation looooll your just going to get it infected.

By from Dorset, UK

Fantastic! (14 November 2015)

Great little retainer. After piercing my nose I put this piece of jewellery in for work purposes, and had in for a few months during the healing process. Fantastic as it never irritated my fresh piercing and never got infected. Easy to clean. No one even notice it until i eventually wore a nose ring.

By from Manchester, UK

Best retainer ever! (04 September 2015)

This is the best retainer i've brought. I'm not aloud facial piercings for school and I had tried many other retainers from claires and other piercing shops, including shops in Afflecks Palace, but nothing compares to this one. The stud is a tiny flat disk, around 1mm wide and sits perfectly in the hole. It is actually completely see through unlike other retainers. The cork screw is an alright size, seeing as I am a teenager and have a small nose, it does stick out abit but easily fixed by pushing more into my nose. The shape of the cork screw means it can be easily cut into an L shaped stud if that is easier for you, and it is easy to get into the piercing, although it can be hard seeing as it is a flexible material amd cork screws are sometimes hard to get in anyway, but this was easy for me to get in. It is very comfy and I can hardly feel it. I do have to keep checking to make sure the stud hasnt gone all the way through the piercing and fallen out, but luckily it hasn't. I told my mum and dad that i let my nose piercing close up and they believed me. I then told my mum that i was joking and she looking very close to try and see the retainer and said she could barely see it. Very well done!! I will post pictures on the page so you can see how it looks.

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