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Bioplast jewellery is flexible, allowing movement to minimise risk of injury to any piercing.

These labret studs have G23 Surgical Titanium clip-in accessories that are push-fit (not threaded) making the process of fitting and removing the accessory much easier.

Bioplast is independently judged to be biocompatible and benefits of use include minimised swelling, infections and faster healing times.

Suitable for: Ear Piercing - Auricle, Ear Piercing - Conch, Ear Piercing - Ear Lobe, Ear Piercing - Pinna, Ear Piercing - Tragus, Labret Piercing, Lip Piercing, Madonna / Top Lip

Jewellery Type: Labret Studs

Gauge / Thickness:
1.2mm (16 Gauge)
1.6mm (14 Gauge)
Jewellery Type:
Labret Studs
10mm (3/8")
6mm (1/4")
8mm (5/16")
Popular Designs:


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By from Newcastle

Fiddly but love! (29 September 2016)

This labret is awesome! I always lose the front off my medusa piercing so I thought the push fit would be more secure. It was really easy to put in but getting the ball out in the first place was really difficult. It doesn't matter too much as now it's in it'll stay in but it did take a few attempts. However it feels really comfy as the back of a normal labret did sometimes cut into my lip.

Overall though I think it is a great choice and I would recommend it!

By from Northern Ireland

Love it! (08 January 2012)

I love this stud :-) the little diamond really catches the light but it's also discrete. The bioplast also really helped heal my piercing compared to other studs that I have,


discrete (01 January 2012)

bioplast is a great option because personally it seems less irritaing for piercings. The gem itself is small great for petite features, could be used on many piercings


Soo Cute and Comfy (23 November 2011)

I bought this for my tragus and it is perfect. It is a little long, but very comfortable, you can't even feel it! The gem is the perfect size for the tragus. Highly recommended!

By from Glenrothes

Love them! (22 September 2011)

I ordered two of these for my helix piercings, I have been using a curved barbell before then but hate how easy the threaded balls come off and how fiddly they are so thought I would give these a go!

They are so much easier to put in and don't feel as if they are going to come out too easy. I also like that it is the see through plastic at the back of the ear as all of my metal labret bars look a bit funny from the back.

Super quick delivery time and a great service, I will defiantly order again!

By Anonymous

Great! (29 April 2010)

I love these. I bought 2 for my ''troublesome'' snakebites which I rarely wear (I just don't ever heal over!) as metal labrets were just so uncomfortable. These changed that problem and are the most comfortable jewellery I've ever worn in my lip. Just ordered two for my medusa and centre labret in retainer form - with the converters so I can wear normal sized balls on them but with the added comfort!

By Anonymous

Love it! (01 December 2009)

These are great labret studs. I have them in all colours. Perfect for your tragus. Delivery is so quick so you always know they will come in time!!

By Anonymous

Small! (28 April 2009)

Ordered these a few days before moving house - I knew they would get to me in time as the delivery time is always very fast!

I bought three of these and they are great. Iv had a lot of trouble with my top ear piercings and these have already made any pain and swelling I had go. They are also quite discreet and shiney.

I was worried about the end bit falling out when I first got them but they stay in there tightly and cant see them ever falling out by themselves, I highly recommend!

By Anonymous

cute (11 February 2009)

i have three tragus piercings, two on one ear, and one on the other, i had trouble with my first tragus piercings, and when i bought these, bio plast studs, it really helped with healing process, and had no problem with it after, its now fully healed!
also its really nice to wear, you hardly notice, its very stylish and cute, and i have brought a variety of colours, so its the same review for each one! lol

By Anonymous

great (12 December 2008)

i bought this product for my self and i liked it so much i got my friend one for christmas, my old labret stud was plain and harsh to look at but even though you can see the stud with bioplast it looks dainty and sweet, the gem inside gives it that girly look and it comes in an array of colours...the delivery was very fast which is a bonus.

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