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Product Code: BLA

This Bioplast threaded labret stem is designed to be cut down to your desired length.

This Bioplast labret stem can then be threaded with a threading tool or with the thread on your ball.

Bioplast jewellery is flexible, making it ideal for industrial and facial applications - allowing movement will minimise risk of injury to any piercing.

You will also need a threaded ball or accessory to fit on the end, as this stem is not supplied with a ball.

Please ensure that you choose the correct gauge (thickness) for your piercing.

Labret stems are not only designed for labret and lip piercings, they are also commonly worn in ear piercings too! You can wear them anywhere as long as they feel comfortable and fit your piercing correctly.

Suitable for: Labret Piercing, Lip Piercing, Madonna / Top Lip

Jewellery Type: Labret Studs

Gauge / Thickness:
1.2mm (16 Gauge)
Jewellery Type:
Labret Studs
20mm (13/16")


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By from UK

Great for work (30 June 2017)

I bought these for my daith piercings to comply with the dress code at work. Being extra long, they allowed for the variation between both my piercings, as 10mm is too short for one of them. A bit tricky to get in due to their length and resultant bendiness, but fantastic once in. The boss will never know they're there!

By Anonymous

a good buy (20 March 2011)

I've been wearing these in my cheeks from the day I got them pierced, and they're great. Comfortable. They don't get in the way at all either and I never bite them by accident, though if I did, at least it wouldn't hurt. :P
I've had them on for about 5 months now, and so far, all perfect. Good buy.


Value and comfort (06 August 2010)

My metal labret stud has been bugging my teeth something awful, so I had to get something to replace it. Had bioplast before but never liked the push-fit mechanism (it never felt secure) so decided to give this a go.
I managed to get a labret out of it (that was perfectly sized as I'm between 6mm and 8mm), and had enough left over for TWO tongue bars! I'm absolutely amazed at the value- and I've never had a plastic tongue bar before that felt this comfortable (other plastics tended to irritate a bit).
Feels secure, comfortable, and can be cut to the perfect length! And there's more than enough to go around for a barbell or two!

By Anonymous

perfect for healing (08 June 2010)

i bought a few of these when i first found out about bioplast, you cut them down yourself to whatever size you want.
cutting was easy, a pair of scissors worked fine for me.
i was having trouble with one of my lip piercings healing, so i tried bioplast and it was healed within 2 weeks.
very handy, worth it.

By Anonymous

perfect fit everytime! (18 March 2010)

These things are perfect for my cheek piercings. They were pierced with these, then when the swelling went down I cut the excess off and screwed the balls back on. Never had ANY problems with my cheeks and i've had them 5 years. PTFE's great for quick healing and as the bars are flexible there's definately less trauma to my piercings. Wouldn't use anything else in my cheeks, love 'em.

By Anonymous

Handy (16 February 2010)

This item is good for just about any piercing around the lip & ear area.

It is especially comfortable for lip piercings and can quickly & easily be cut to provide custom comfort.

Cut your own threads with a threading tool or slip a push fit onto the end.

By Anonymous

Labret (13 February 2010)

Good for perfect fit, not too difficult to thread, getting the ball on straight is a bit harder though.
Plenty left over to use as a barbell, & good price.

By Anonymous

Comfy! (02 December 2009)

Bioplast is so much more comfortable to wear in my lip piercing than metal as it doesn't rattle around on my teeth and it doesn't irritate my gums. However i found it fairly tricky to thread the 1.2mm stem as it was quite fiddly but got there in the end Just takes patience :)

By Anonymous

interesting! (28 May 2009)

i first bought a shorter and standard sized laret. that one was two short so i bought this one to get the perfect fit.

i recommend this to anybody who want a perfect snug fit.

By Anonymous

! (23 March 2009)

This thing saved my teeth! while my friends had to take out their labrets due to gum retraction I never had any problems ever since i got this. I love it how you can cut it to the size you need too. Once you see how damaged it gets after a couple of months you will realize how bad it would be to wear the metal instead of it.

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