Sleek, versatile and available in a huge range of styles, our Plain Titanium Barbells are a real body piercing essential. These easy to wear bars are perfect for tongue, nipple, ear and eyebrow piercings, plus you can customise your look with our Threaded Accessories.


Barbells look great as Nipple Bars, Tongue Bars, and in Ear Piercings and Eyebrow piercings.

All our Ttitanium Barbells are sold with 2 removable balls so that they can easily be adapted and enhanced with Cones, Balls and Accessories.
Large gauge barbells are perfect for Stretched Piercings and PA Piercings.
Titanium Barbells come in excellent bright colours and make a great change from the norm.

Our range of Titanium Barbells is extensive, but if you would like to try another metal type check out our full Barbell selection.

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