Keep things simple, stylish and comfortable with our plain surgical steel bananabells. These bananabells are a real must-have, especially for navel piercings. Each bananabell is expertly machined in superior quality surgical steel, so they feel comfortable no matter what. The balls on these bananabells are removable and can be swapped for other balls and threaded accessories to update your look.

These plain Surgical Steel bananabells have two plain removable balls on either end of the curved stem. A very versatile piece of jewellery, bananabells (also known as curved barbells) can be used in most piercings as long as your jewellery fits your piercing correctly. Navel Bananabells have a larger ball at the bottom and a smaller detachable ball at the top which also allows you to add a Jewelled ball or Cone.

These plain Surgical Steel bananabells are commonly worn in eyebrow, rook, snug and female genital piercings.

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