Make sure you get the perfect look with our huge choice of 4mm piercing balls. 4mm balls are one of the popular sizes and are often found on the top of bananabells, as well as plenty of barbells and labret studs. On this page you'll find jewellery that comes with 4mm balls, as well as loose balls you can use to update existing pieces.

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4mm Jewellery

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Silver BioFlex Push-Fit Ball Out Of Stock


Titanium Threaded Star Out Of Stock


Blackline Labret Stud Out Of Stock

from $36.00

Titanium Screw-in Ball Rings - 4mm Out Of Stock


Steel Barbells - 2.0mm Out Of Stock


Glitter UV Labret Stud - Blue Out Of Stock


Glitter UV Labret Stud - Pink Out Of Stock

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