Put the colour back in your look with our gorgeous range of Titanium Ball Closure Rings with Hematite Balls. These eye-catching BCRs come with a natural hematite clip-in ball. The hematite has a wonderful dark metallic shine that looks particularly good against a coloured titanium ring. These ball closure rings are perfect for Lip Piercings, Navel Piercings and Ear Piercings.

Titanium Ball Closure Rings are replacing the standard BCR because of the amazing colours available.
Due to their popularity, Titanium Ball Closure Rings now come in a much wider range of gauge sizes, from 1.2mm through to 2.4mm and have with numerous internal diameters, it certainly can put the colour back into your life! The dark Hematite balls provide an excellent contrast to the colour of the rings.

These Ball Closure Rings look great in Lip and Tragus piercings!

You can easily customise any of your 1.2mm or 1.6mm jewellery with our fantastic selection of Silver Navel Chains, which can be threaded onto your Barbell, Bananabell, Circular Barbell, Body Spiral or Ball Closure Ring for a touch of glamour within seconds!