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Product Code: BXA48-1416-CL

These acrylic flat tongue retainers have dome-shaped ends to conceal your tongue piercing whilst also comfortable to wear. They are more secure than the o-ring retainers so are also useful for longer-wear, even whilst eating and drinking.

We have 3 colours to choose from for your preference.

Suitable for: Tongue Piercing

Jewellery Type: Barbells, Piercing Retainers, Tongue Bars

Gauge / Thickness:
1.6mm (14 Gauge)
Jewellery Type:
Piercing Retainers
Tongue Bars
16mm (5/8")
PMMA Acrylic


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By from singapore

awesome (13 June 2015)

Was definitely more comfy to wear compared to wearing a ball tongue bar. It was slightly curved when i received it but it fit my tongue well. Was super light to wear as well. would definitely recommend!

By Anonymous

pink (16 May 2010)

I got the pink one, and it's a little fluorescent-looking on my tongue because it is really pink! But it's comfortable and light to wear and helps reduce the ball sinking you can get.
I'm going to order the clear one and see if it's any less noticeable for me.

By Anonymous

GREAT (29 April 2010)

Purchased a Clear colour of it all the way from sg, it felt great while eating but some time will be needed to get used to it..overall it is perfect for eating, really loved it! It's cool :) hard to find in my country

By Anonymous

Really Good! (12 March 2010)

I ordered one of these the other day and find it really comfortable. It is really discrete. Definately reccomended!!

By Anonymous

Pink! (24 December 2009)

I ordered the pink one.

It is fairly close to tongue colour so isn't highly noticable as anything other than a mark.

The half balls are comfortable and are great on othe rbars and with the Tongue Tickler products.

Am extremely happy!!

By Anonymous

excellent (13 August 2009)

really great-both the half balls are threaded so u can screw both on/of. they feel really comfortable and can also be screwed on a steel bar so u can have the soft plastic bit on the bottom of ur tongue to protect ur teeth and make it feel more comfortable and use something more exciting at the top.

By Anonymous

Great product (17 June 2009)

Loved this product, really comfortable and the clear retainer is really subtle, - the only problem was, when I accidentally bit my tongue, it bent the plastic! Which made it uncomfortable and hard to screw on the dome. However, I am buying this product again, and wil be trying not to damage it this time! Probably better than chipping a tooth on a metal bar though!!

By Anonymous

Brilliant (04 December 2008)

Really loved this as it kept my piercing open while I was in hospital for an operation.

By Anonymous

Comfortable, but not quite what I wanted (13 July 2008)

I brought the clear retainer for my tongue piercing as I was in a musical this july. I found it really comfortable to wear, and it didnt irritate or disrupt my piercing.

However the bar wasn't clear, only the two domes were, therefore the white of the bar was visible while I was on stage. If the bar was clear also, this product would have been a definate 10 stars

By Anonymous

TBH, I hated these (16 May 2008)

I bought a couple for my tongue piercings, and they just aren't comfortable

The edges of the dome hurt my tongue after about half an hour, and it ends up aching for ages after I take them out

Other people seem to find them comfortable, but I just didn't

On the plus side, they do a great job hiding your piercings

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