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Get a comfy feel and a fresh look with our white PMMA double flared flesh plug. This classic flesh plug combines a clean, stylish look with real comfort - perfect for everyday wear.

This white acrylic flesh plug is double flared so it is easy to insert. It is very lightweight even in large gauges, so this plug is ideal for sensitive ears and maintaining your size.

The PMMA acrylic is perfectly smooth and glossy, so it feels great and gives you a sleek, fashionable look.

  • Sold singularly

Suitable for: Ear Piercing - Stretched Lobes

Jewellery Type: Stretched Ear Jewellery


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By from nkt

epic (23 March 2011)

ilove this i got up to a 8mm now at a 10mm but while i was at 8mm i brought this for school mainly for the price but when i got them they look sick but they are realy nice to wear


By from Andover

beautiful bargain (11 February 2011)

these plugs are so nice and simple, the flare on them are just right, the finish is good and they look so clean and stricking in ear, every collection needs a pair of these and the quality is outstanding for the price

By from Hawick

good buy (27 January 2011)

i was really impressed with these plugs there light, comfortable, look good and not to mention the price is great.

These are a must have.


GREAT (23 September 2010)

like everyone says, those are the most awesome and amazing plus ever!
so smooth and went in very easily!

love my 22mm

By Anonymous

flared plugs (09 August 2010)

these are very comfortable, light, and smooth. i love them!!

By Anonymous

there perfect. (07 June 2010)

These not only look good but they feel great in. I didnt find them hard to get in at all and they stay in easily :) i wear these alot because they go with most of my things

By Anonymous

very nice (05 May 2010)

have pairs of these in white, black and clear (16mm) and its very easy to change them. really very comfortable too.....i dont have fat ears though. highly recommended

By Anonymous

Good for me (08 March 2010)

These fit perfectly. however, i bought them for my girlfriend who has thicker ears, and although she loves them, she says she wished they were thicker. but fast delivery and cheap as this site always is =]

By Anonymous

awesome! (07 March 2010)

These plugs are so awesome that I'm just about to buy a second pair!
They look really 'retro' for some reason.
I have them for 8mm and they go in nicely (though they tend to fall aout while sleeping) and they are a very tight fit. (not recommended for people with thick ears tho.)
Now I'm buying them in 14mm since I miss wearing them way too much. =)

By Anonymous

Very nice! (19 February 2010)

These things are a great alternative to the tunnels, as they are a lot more subtle, and people tend to not notice them so much, so they're really great for school/weddings etc.

Very easy to put in, and take out, and very comfortable to wear ( :

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