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Kaos Softwear Silicone Hider Plugs

These incredible hider plugs are flesh tone silicone flesh plugs that make any stretching less noticeable and more discrete. They are ideal for work, school and formal occasions, giving you a simple way to make your stretchings “disappear”.

Kaos Softwear Hider Plugs are made from implant grade silicone, which is extremely biocompatible.

These plugs are skin-friendly and specifically recommended for people with metal allergies. They also use a clever hollow design to make the most of the material’s soft, flexible feel. Each Kaos Softwear Hider Plug is hollow in the middle, so they can be folded and squashed for easy insertion. This also means that they cannot dig into your skin and are much safer in the event of an impact to your head. For this reason Kaos Softwear plugs are a favourite for athletes, cyclists and those working with children.

The flexibility of Kaos Softwear Hider Plugs makes them one of the easiest plugs to insert. To insert the plug squash it or fold it in half, slip it into the piercing and gently let go. The hider plug will resume its shape instantly. For ease of insertion – especially with a new/sensitive piercing – we recommend lubricating skin and jewellery with skin-friendly oils such as jojoba, Vitamin E, olive or hemp oil.
Kaos Softwear Hider Plugs are easy to remove using the same method. Either pull the tunnel gently from the front of the ear or pinch the hollow back of the plug first and push it out from the back.

Using Kaos Softwear Hider Plugs to Hide Your Stretchings

Kaos Softwear Hider Plugs are the easiest and most effective way to hide a stretched piercing. These hider plugs are designed to make any stretching less noticeable, including large gauges and different skin tones.

They work best on stretchings under 12mm or where the shape of the ear has not been distorted. In these cases the hider plugs will hider the look of your stretchings very effectively, creating the look of a smooth, unpierced ear lobe. Once the shape of your ear lobe has been distorted by the stretching Kaos Hider Plugs will be less effective but they still make the overall effect much more subtle. The colour is less noticeable than a regular tunnel or plug and the smooth shape helps to create a flat, natural appearance.

A common concern is that the Hider Plugs will not match your skin tone. The truth is that these Hider Plugs will not match every skin tone, but they still help to hide your stretchings even if they do not match your skin tone exactly. The skin-like colour is still much less noticeable than other jewellery and you will be surprised by how few people notice your stretchings – even if they still look obvious to you.

Kaos Softwear Hider Plugs as a Compromise For School & Work

It is not secret that most schools and some workplaces are not happy with you wearing flesh tunnels and plugs, but Kaos Softwear Hider Plugs can be a great compromise.

Once your school/work realise that you have stretched ears they might raise objections based on safety and making you stand out too much from other pupils/employees. We recommend Hider Plugs as a compromise on both these points. They eliminate any safety concerns because they are soft and metal-free. There is no danger of a plug causing an injury whilst playing sports or working in a healthcare, food preparation or childcare environment. And Kaos Hider Plugs look discrete, they will not be noticeable on a daily basis. If for example your job brings you into contact with the public, most people will not even notice that you have stretched lobes. They help maintain a uniform look at school for the same reasons. We also find that people who have to wear protective headgear at work choose Kaos Softwear Hider Plugs – they are comfortable to wear under such headgear and are safer in the event of an impact.

Wearing Kaos Softwear Hider Plugs with Headphones & Helmets

If you frequently wear headphones, tight headgear or any kind of helmet, Kaos Silicone Hider Plugs are a great option. They simply squash down under such headgear, where hard flesh plugs would push into the skin causing headaches etc. This means makes Kaos Hider Plugs very popular with cyclist and skaters, music fans and individuals who are required to wear safety helmets at work.

Can I wear Kaos Softwear Hider Plugs Whilst Swimming?

Kaos Softwear Hider Plugs are safe to wear in water but we do not recommend wearing these flesh plugs while swimming. This is because chlorine and other swimming chemicals can discolour the silicone. You should experience no problems during normal bathing/showering. If you really want to wear your Hider Plugs while swimming we recommend purchasing a pair specifically for this purpose.

Caring for Kaos Softwear Hider Plugs

Kaos Softwear Hider Plugs are easy to clean and care for. The silicone is non-porous and can be cleaned with soap and warm water, saline solution or skin friendly oils such as Vitamin E, jojoba, olive, hemp oil etc. These silicone flesh plugs can be autoclaved if desired, after which we recommend rinsing with soap and warm water. Always ensure that any soap is rinsed off completely, as this could irritate the skin.

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