Zircon Gold BCRs

Ball Closure Rings (BCRs) are also known as Captive Bead Rings.

The ball of a BCR is held in place by the tension of the ring; there is a dimple on either side of the ball for the ring to clip into.

To remove the ball you must push it out of the ring; it does not unscrew. To fit the ball back in, line one dimple on the ball up with one side of the ring. Hold the ring firmly and push so that the other dimple clips into place. If the ring is too tight to clip your ball into, Ring Opening Pliers can be used to make this process easier.

Zircon Gold comprises of a PVD coating on G23 Surgical Titanium. PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) has become widely used to deposit wear resistant, thin film coatings onto medical devices (including heart pacemakers, surgical instruments, and orthopaedic implants). The main value in PVD technology rests in the ability to modify the surface properties of a device without changing the underlying material's properties and biochemical functionality.

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