Mammoth Ivory

Mammoth Ivory is a natural material from the tusk of a Mammoth, which is used for many different types of fashion and body piercing jewellery.

Classified an extinct species, fossilised mammoth ivory is a legal commodity and can be traded world wide, as it is exempt from the Washington agreement on Endangered Species.
All our Mammoth Ivory is double certificated.

All our Mammoth Ivory is extracted from the permafrost turndra of North Eastern Siberia, a vast desolate wasteland deep inside the Arctic Circle, six time zones and over 5000km from Moscow. The Russian Acadamy of Science estimates that more than 500,000 tonnes of mammoth tusks are buried along a 1000km stretch of Arctic coast, suggesting that five million mammoths once roamed arctic wilderness.

We guarantee that all items offered in this schedule are GENUINE fossilised mammoth ivory and are exempt from CITES control. Information from CITES indicates that our suppliers are the only known UK importers of mammoth ivory.

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