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Weaving (Ear)

A Weaving Piercing is most commonly found on ear cartilage or earlobes. One piece of jewellery is inserted into several (usually 3 or 4) piercings, spiralling in and out of each one consecutively.

Weaving jewellery is normally in the form of a spiral, 'weaving' through the piercings to create one continuous twist.

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Weaving (Surface)

Surface Weaving is a style of surface piercing where a single piece of jewellery passes in and out of the surface of the skin multiple times. This can be done with flexible jewellery such as nylon or Tygon, or with specially bent surface bars, often called 'MadMax bars' after Samppa's studio in Finland, where this technique was pioneered.

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Webbing (Hand)

The Hand Web is a piercing through webbing between the fingers, most commonly between the thumb and forefinger.

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Wood & Nut

Wood and Nut are natural materials obtained from natural resources, such as trees and plants. Wood and but jewellery must be carefully looked after and cleansed regularly, due to their porous nature. Wood should only be used in mature/healed stretching's and should not be used as part of the stretching process.

Prior to insertion, lightly oil the tunnels - olive oil, jojoba, vitamin E, tea tree oil - with lightly oiled paper towel. Wipe off excess oil - do not over wipe.

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