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Vertical Tragus

The Vertical Tragus piercing is pierced vertically through the tragus.

The tragus is the tough fold of cartilage that sticks out, away from the ear, at the entrance to the ear canal.

The tragus can vary in size and thickness from person to person.

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Vertigo Flesh Claws

Glass Claws go from a rounded point up to a specified size. They are used for stretching of larger ears, as well as general jewellery for stretched ear piercings.

Glass vertigo claws get their name from the twisted stripe design around the outside. The colours of the stripes vary, while the inside of the claws are clear allowing the striped design to be seen when worn. Glass is an ultra compatible material for implantation and for body jewellery wear.

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Vibrators are devices intended to vibrate against the body (including insertion into a body cavity), thereby stimulating the nerves and giving a pleasurable and possibly erotic feeling.

Vibrators often allow people to achieve orgasm faster and easier and are often said to provide stronger orgasms than those produced by manual stimulation alone. They are often recommended by sex therapists for women who have difficulty reaching orgasm by other means. Couples also use them sometimes as an enhancement to the pleasure of one or both partners.

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