All glossary terms beggining with "R" are listed below.


Rattlebells are motion-activated pleasure machines, perfect for Tongues, Nipples and Genital piercings. They don't require batteries.

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Replacement O-Rings

Replacement O-Rings are used to secure and customise flesh tunnels and plugs. They are attached to the piercing or jewellery for adornment, whilst also holding the piece of jewellery secure.

O-Rings are available in different colours, sizes and designs.

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Retainers are non-metal (often acrylic or silicone) pieces of jewellery designed in many different styles for different body piercings.

Retainers are used to conceal piercings for different purposes, such as work, school or to replace metal materials for medical purposes including X-Rays or surgery.

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Reverse PA

The Reverse Prince Albert piercing is similar to the Prince Albert, but instead of exiting out of the base of the penis, it exits via the top of the glans.

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Reversible Sticks

Reversible sticks are adult sex toys made from metal, designed to be placed into a body cavity to enhance sexual stimulation.

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Ring Opening Pliers

Ring Opening Pliers are used to help open a ball closure ring to remove or fit the captive ball into the gap. Ring opening pliers have textured handles for a secure hand grip and can open BCRs of many thicknesses.

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A Rook is the name for a piercing on the anti-helix of the ear.

The rook, like many other cartilage piercings, tends to be more difficult to heal than standard earlobe piercings as cartilage tissue does not have very good blood supply.

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Rounders (Navel)

Surgical steel Navel Rounders have a threaded ball attached so they can be screwed onto any navel Bananabell. The navel rounder hangs around the bottom of the bananabell's jewel, creating a circle around the navel itself.

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Rubber Insertables

Rubber Insertables are adult sex toys designed to be inserted into a body cavity.

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