All glossary terms beggining with "K" are listed below.

Kaos Tunnels

The Kaos Silicone range includes silicone flesh tunnels, flesh plugs, eyelets and earlets designed in different colours and shapes for stretched piercings at larger gauges.

The flexible silicone material is soft and feels very comfortable to wear, especially for sleeping in, playing sports or other rigorous activities (clubbing, going to gigs and concerts).

To insert, just fold the tunnel and let go once it's through your piercing - the tunnel will flex back to its shape by itself.

You can autoclave silicone jewellery if desired.

Lubrication of both eyelet & piercing with body friendly oils (eg. Vitamin-E, Jojoba, Olive Oil etc) prior to insertion or removal is recommended.

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Keloids are a specific kind of fibrous scar tissue. Most people make the mistake of assuming that all piercing-related scarring is keloiding, whereas hypertrophic scarring is much more common and easier to treat. As far as the use of the word "keloid," it is both a noun, and a verb. The verb, "to keloid" means to create these raised scars.


The Kuno piercing is usually made through the base of the foreskin so the jewellery enters the base of the foreskin and travels right out of the open end of the foreskin.

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