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Jewelled Balls

Jewelled Balls are body piercing jewellery accessories available in many different colours and materials.

Jewelled balls can be either threaded, for barbells with a thread, or captive (clip-in) to fit ball closure rings (BCRs).

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Jewelled BCRs

A Jewelled Ball Closure Ring consists of a ring and a jewelled ball clipped into the gap of the ring.

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Jewelled Eyelets

Jewelled Eyelets are part of the stretching jewellery range, designed for stretched piercings at larger gauges.

The eyelets have a hollow stem, showing the hole of the stretch all the way through and a jewelled rim around the edge. The design is available in different colours to suit different tastes.

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Jewelled Labret Studs

A Jewelled Labret Stud is a type of body jewellery with a jewelled threaded ball on the stem.

Designed for labret or lip piercings, labret studs are also commonly worn in other areas such as the earlobe, tragus, monroe and cheek piercings.

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Jewellery Pliers

Jewellery Pliers come in different forms for different purposes.

Ring opening pliers are used to help open a ball closure ring to remove or fit the captive ball into the gap. Ring opening pliers have textured handles for a secure hand grip and can open BCRs of many thicknesses.

Ring closing pliers are used to close BCRs that have been outstretched.

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Jewellery Storage

Jewellery Storage is different means of storing and organizing jewellery, which can be done in jewellery boxes, bags and drawers.

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