All glossary terms beggining with "I" are listed below.

Ikon Plugs

Ikon Plugs are acrylic PMMA flesh plugs that come in many different designs and colours.

One of the most popular ranges of flesh plugs, there are more than 50 designs available to suit all tastes.

Sizes start from 6mm and go up to a mega 50mm (in the Mega Ikon Plug range).

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Implants are artificial devices surgically inserted into the body. Medically, there are many different types of implant used, from pacemakers to artificial joints.

In the world of body modification the term tends to refer to subdermal implants, transdermal implants, silicone injection, scrotal implants or genital beading.

Industrial Piercing

An Industrial Piercing is created when two or more piercings are connected by a single barbell.

This piercing was first popularized (and named) by Erik Dakota in Body Play magazine #4 (1992), where it was pictured and titled, "industrial ear project."


Infections often occur while the piercing is very fresh. Microorganisms, such as fungi and bacteria, attempt to invade the body and cause infection. The body reacts and attempts to fight off the infection by surrounding it with white blood cells. Often there is increased swelling and redness and the piercing will be sore to the touch and a thick discharge of grey, brown, or green puss will excrete from the site of the piercing. Compresses can help, if used early on.

If the infection is left unchecked, then the piercee may need anti-biotic treatment.

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Information is a section on the website describing all the different piercing types and locations. It also gives advice on what to do when getting a piercing.

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Inlaid Plugs

Inlaid Plugs are a type of flesh plug worn in stretched piercings.

Inlaid plugs have a unique design of two materials, such as Buffalo and Silver or Buffalo and Horn. The 'inlay' is a layer of design inserted or 'laid' onto the base of the flesh plug, often creating two different colours or textures on the surface.

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Insertables (Glass)

Glass Insertables are adult sex toys designed to be inserted into a body cavity.

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Insertables (Jade)

Jade Insertables are adult sex toys designed to be inserted into a body cavity.

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Insertables (Steel)

Steel Insertables are adult sex toys designed to be inserted into a body cavity, such as the vagina or anus.

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Insertables (Vibrators)

Vibrators (also known as insertables) are devices intended to vibrate against the body (including insertion in a body cavity), thereby stimulating the nerves and giving a pleasurable and possibly erotic feeling.

Vibrators often allow people to achieve orgasm faster and easier and are often said to provide stronger orgasms than those produced by manual stimulation alone. They are often recommended by sex therapists for women who have difficulty reaching orgasm by other means. Couples also use them sometimes as an enhancement to the pleasure of one or both partners.

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Internally Threaded

Internally Threaded jewellery is a range of body jewellery that has the threads inside of the stem of jewellery, with a compltetely smooth outer surface to prevent snagging or scratching inside the piercing fistula. The balls and accessories, rather than the bars themselves, have a protruding threaded bar which screws into the thread of the matching stem.

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Intimate Button

Intimate Buttons are from the adult jewellery accessory range. Ideal for intimate piercings such as the foreskin and labia, they are designed to enhance sexual stimulation.

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Iron on Patches

Iron on patches can be ironed on to fabrics and clothing for adornment.

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